Q: Once I create a Zip file with IntelliZip can I send it to someone who does not have ZipWiz ?
A: Yes IntelliZip is 100% compatible with any Zip utility.   They will just not be able to take advantage of the IntelliZIP features in the file.
Q: Can I move my Zip files between machines and maintain the IntelliZIP information ?
A: Yes, all the IntelliZIP information is in the Zip file.

You can even use it to syncronize folders  between a Win95 and a Win3.1 computer if no long filenames are used.

Q: Can IntelliZIP updates be done from the command line (allowing for batch operation) ?

Command line syntax is: <FilePath>/[u,f,b] where FilePath is the full path to the Zip file to be processed and /u = update, /f = refreshen, /b = rebuild,

e.g.     c:\program files\zipwiz\zwp32.exe    c:\my_zips\test.zip /u

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