What are Zip files ?    Zip files contain the data from one or more other files.

Think of a Zip file as a briefcase into which you can stuff any number of file folders, video files, audio files or any other data on your computer.

     ZipWiz is used to pack and unpack the briefcase.

IntelliZip allows you to keep your Zip files up to date with a single click, or look inside to check the status of any individual file.  Just like a Backup program - only simpler.

Why use ZipWiz ?

  • Gives you easy access to the Millions of Zip files available.

  • IntelliZip makes ZipWiz a full Backup utility.

  • Keep data safe with the most widely used archive format in the world.

  • Zipping can compress files by as much as 70% to 90%.

  • You can combine a group of files into one for ease of transmission.

  • Zip files can be split across multiple disks to archive large amounts of data.

  • Zip files can be encrypted to provide security while data is in transit.

  • This means reduced transmission times and greater reliability.

Where are Zip files used ?

  • Most files distributed on the Internet are placed in Zip files.

  • Zip is the format of choice on CompuServe, AOL and many other information services.

  • Many use Zip files to store Backup and Archival data.

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